The only architecturally based search engine & API in the real estate industry.


Every month, more than 1 million US homebuyers attempt to search for homes by architectural style, yet no viable search solution exists.

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Search With Style® allows consumers to find homes for sale by their preferred architectural style(s). Property results are accurate, quick, and satisfying, creating a user experience that consumers love.

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These buyers are looking for an intuitive, accurate interface and engaging content to fully immerse themselves in their desired lifestyles.


How it works

Search With Style® actively curates a national database of over 600 MLSs using proprietary algorithms, human curation, and photo recognition AI, creating an architectural database and search engine made available via API to all websites in the Search With Style® Network.


Search With Style® Network

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MLS Data

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Proprietary Algorithms & AI

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Architectural Database

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Search Engine & API

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Website Network

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Mobile App Coming Soon

The Search With Style® mobile app will allow users to search homes by their favorite architectural style - all in one easy-to-use app.


Investment Opportunity

Interested in investing in Search With Style®? Watch our 5-minute pitch for an overview of the opportunity, including case studies, projections, and more. Contact us for more information on how to get involved.

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